Ninja zx10

Ninja zx10

Complete listing of drag racing performance parts for the Kawasaki ZX10 to increase horsepower and acceleration  Select from our wide range of bodywork, chains, sprockets, wheels, lowering links, shocks, suspension, exhausts, engine parts, clutch components and all the accessories you need for the Kawasaki ZX10. 

Ninja zx10 


  • Fairings & Windscreen

    Fiberglass and carbon applications for your drag bike, race bike or road bike as well as best quality windscreens.

  • Engine

    Kawasaki Ninja ZX10 Performance Engine Parts from Racer Logic

  • Exhaust

    The first thing most Kawasaki owners change is the exhaust system. The stock dual mufflers and incredibly heavy and do such a great job of reducing noise that they also reduce power. Slip on systems can easily drop lots of pounds from the ZX10 and allow easier stopping and acceleration. Full systems can drop weight and increase horsepower by 15+! Brock's Performance is our most popular exhaust for the Kawasaki ZX10 and the Alien Head muffler design makes great power with great looks.

  • Chain

    Racer logic offers only the best motorcycle racing chains.  O-X-W Ring Chains and Non O-Ring Chains.  Drag Racing Chains, Road Racing and Street Chains.

  • Sprockets

    Top quality sprockets brought to you from Racer Logic. Make your motorcycle lighter, faster and even more beautiful.

  • Clutch & Mods

    Everything you need for your pocket rocket. From a simple clutch kit to the best mods available in the market so far.

  • Brakes

    Be sure to upgrade the braking system on your motorcycle before twisting that throttle too hard. Get better brakes so you can feel safe not only fast.

  • Clip ons
  • Foot controls

    Either a racer or just a casual rider , whats better than feeling comfortable on your ride? Buy your customizable foot controls now.

  • Nitrous

    Nitrous... a lot of power in a small bottle plain and simple.

  • Drag tires

    Drag racing tires from Shinko , one of the leading companies in the industry. Lighter than the conventional tire, gives the ultimate grip for the drag strip and the road.

  • Electrical

    Making the ultimate power means paying attention to detail. dont forget to upgrade your electrical system and get a Wego III for the Drag strip or after a ride on the road so you can calibrate your ECU accordingly.

  • Swingarms & Extensions

    Bolt on extensions are popular for street use to gain the stretched stance without the large investment. If you're building a drag bike, or plan to put down a hefty amount of power, stick with high quality brands. The last thing you want to bend on the track is a swingarm!

  • Wheels & Bearings

    One of the best modifications if not the best you can do for your motorcycle is getting a light set of wheels. Faster acceleration, better cornering and more power since the engine has less mass to rotate.

  • Stabilizers

    How scared where you the first time you had a rough front wheel landing and the handlebar started slapping you around? Decrease the amount of movement of the handlebar when hard launching and wheeling. Have a safer landing and a safer run / ride.

  • Ecu Reflashing

    ECU reflashing. Send us your ECU and we can remove restrictions that the OEM's have programmed to meet government regulations and that reduce throttle response and power output for novice riders. Early speed and RPM limiters, reduced acceleration and limited peak power output are all ways the manufacturers have restricted these motorcycles. We adjust these settings to unlock the full potential of your engine.

    *****We undertake to tune your motorcycle when in Athens on the dyno with one of the best tunners in Greece having many national records on his belt.

  • Oil & Chemical
  • Filters